The Legal Perspective of Performance Appraisal Management

Journal Name: 
Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 5 - No. 2
Author Name Designation Organization
Jenifur Majid

Performance management practices encompass, an ongoing process of communicating  expectations, monitoring  performance (good or bad) and providing a workable feedback, where improvements on the job are seen as  achievable. Employees must be given clear direction, clear warnings and opportunities to improve. Proper performance management can avoid lawsuits and significantly reduce risk associated with human rights cases. When  performance weaknesses are identified, the employee must be clearly advised of the employers' concerns. An issue  that management faces relates to leveraging the benefits and costs associated with a well designed, properly  managed appraisal system and one that meets minimum government requirements. The present paper conceptualises legal aspects of performance management system in organisations so that a trade off is reached between management requirement of good  personnel practices and legal prerequisites so that the costs associated with lawsuits could be avoided, proving  performance appraisal system reliable and valid human resource instrument.