Study of Factors Influencing Consumer Behaviour Towards Online Shopping Within Bhilwara City

Journal Name: 
Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 5 - No. 1
Author Name Designation Organization
Sonu Chowdhury
S.P . Mathur

The E-commerce sector has seen an unprecedented growth in 2014 and is increasingly attracting customers from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where people have limited access to brands but have higher aspirations. Globalization of competition, increasing internet penetration, favored demographic situation, technology adoption are some of the  reasons that have fuelled the growth and prospect of online shopping. Online shopping has given a new dimension to the buying interests of consumers. Companies realize this and are therefore aiming to continue their focus on  expanding customer base by running online portals to sell their products and services. To en-cash this growing phenomena, it is imperative to know  the factors that influence consumers' preference towards online shopping. The potential growth of online shopping has triggered the idea of conducting this study which aims to draw an insight to the factors affecting the readiness and willingness of consumers in Bhilwara city.