Socio-Economic Contribution Of Beach Shacks To The Local Community In Goa: An Empirical Study

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Indian Journal of Research
Vol. 7 - No. 2
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Dr Sathish Anthony
Helic Mario Barretto

Goa, a tiny State on India's west coast attracts millions of tourist every year. The inflow of tourist provides employment, income, and gives business opportunities to a large number of Goans. It also leads to the emergence of new tourism products such as beach shacks. Beach shacks are temporary restaurants erected on the beach serving mostly Goan food and beverages to the tourists. The present study is quantitative in nature and was conducted during the months of February to May 2017 in the coastal areas of Goa based on a sample of 100 respondents. The data was personally collected by preparing a structured questionnaire. Using regression analysis and ANOVA the findings suggest that, shacks contribute minimum rupees five thousand to the income of the residents living in the coastal areas of the State and are in tourism-related activities. Shacks also contribute to the increase in land prices and give opportunity to earn rental income. However, seasonal employment, a high cost of living, increase traffic in Villages, crowded beaches, and noise pollution are the problems faced by the local community due to shacks.