Research As A Pedagogical Tool In Higher Education Programmes

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Indian Journal of Research
Vol. 8 - No. 1
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Aanyaa Chaudhary
Raghuvir Singh

This paper attempts to identify the importance of research as a pedagogical tool in higher education & works on the ideology that  "most of the learning happens outside the classroom". It studies how relation between teaching (pedagogy) and research is often assumed and ignored and the ways in which research helps in providing a hands-on experience in designing the experiment, decision making based on previous research results and problem solving. The paper analyses the issues and challenges associated with  incorporating research as a pedagogical tool & attempts at suggesting ways to overcome the same. It identifies the role of top down approach, with understanding & acceptance of the stakeholders, administrators, faculty and the students, could prove vital to put this process into practice. It investigates the role of research to help students develop critical thinking, analytical skills, decision making, data interpretations and troubleshooting essential for the students to be able to deal with global, technological & social changes. Overall, research as a  pedagogical tool encourages students to develop a balanced, diverse approach to solving real-world problems, both on their own and in a team. By bringing real-life context and technology to the curriculum, students are encouraged to become independent workers, critical
thinkers, and lifelong learners.