Evaluation of Bank Officer's Perception on the Performance of Public and Private Sector Banks in India

Journal Name: 
Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 8 - No. 1
Author Name Designation Organization
S.S. Vijayvargiya
Geetanjali Shrivastava

Changes are taking place in the environment in which the banks perform their functions. These changes are inevitable to some extent. It is only the employees of the banks who are encountering these changes first. Keeping this into account, an effort has been made to know the employees' perception about the performances of their banks. The point of view of the employees has been taken into consideration since they are the one having reliable information regarding the responses, behavior and conduct of the banks. In this light, a set of questions has been put forward to executives of the banks with regard to the various factors that influence the performance of the banks as well as their own performances. Their responses were statistically tested using Levene's Test for Equality of Variances and t-test for Equality of Means and concluded that the executives of these banks were indifferent related to special incentives provided by the management, existence of effective teamwork, clearly defines achievement goals and strategic directions, its recruitment system and on the overall effectiveness of these banks.