Prevalence of Knowledge Management in E-Governance System

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Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 8 - No. 1
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Rama Bhardwaj
Hardeep Singh

The 21st century is represented as the period of technological innovations, wherein knowledge, its creation/ acquisition, dissemination and its affect on decision-making have become a potent mechanism to bring in the effectiveness in the entire decision making processes be at the micro or at the macro level. As far as the knowledge management and its prevalent practices in IndianĀ  Egovernance are concerned, it can be inferred that the role of KM is increasing day by day in the E-governance sector and the reliance in the knowledge base is continuously increasing. The present study deals with the study of the existing knowledge Management System in different organizations. The purpose was to examine the current prevalence of KM practices in Indian e-Governance system i.e. here an attempt was made to analyse the extent to which KM activities and practices are used in different organizations to bring in the efficacy in their decision-making abilities. Some problems which are faced during the implementation of KM practices are like the usability of information technology and its relevance since the employees are more rigid and less receptive to change. Even the flow of information is constrained to some extent. Apart from all these hurdles, it was clearly revealed that the relevant knowledge which is latest and on time provides the best solution in enhancement of decisionmaking abilities of e-Governance sector.