Consumer Awareness and Perception Towards Megha Overseas Private Limited

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Indian Journal of Research
Vol. 7 - No. 1
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Davendra Kumar Sharma

This project report is on consumer awareness and perception study on Megha overseas products which is a reputed garmentsĀ  manufacturing company. The main objective of my study is to study the customer awareness level and to study customer perceptions attitudes and beliefs of customers towards the megha overseas products primary data was collected by administrating questionnaire of about 100 respondents. The questionnaire was specifically framed as per the requirement of the organisation. Direct contact was made with the respondents at IGF (International Garment Fair) which was held in Osaka city of Japan. The respondents were those who visited in the fair. Direct personal interview was conducted throughout the project using direct structured and self- administrated questionnaire all the analysis all the analyses and recommendations are based on the results that have been got after the completion of survey which is being undertaken by me My findings from the study are 70 % of the respondents are aware of Megha overseas products. 11% of the respondents perceived that Megha overseas products are excellent 58 % of respondents feel the product is good and 84% of the people prefer brand name while purchases garments My suggestions are on promotional strategies most of the people are not satisfied with the promotional activities so company should provide discount on bulk purchases the company should also emphasize on advertisement this will certainly help in increasing awareness level and which will help in increasing sales volume .The main limitation in this project was that the research was conducting in Osaka city only and sample size was limited to 100 only Finally I concluded that majority of the people are aware about the company and most of the people perceived megha overseas products as good and some of the people are not satisfied with the variety and colours therefore company should focus on this factors.