Dynamics of the Use of Mobile Phone and Social Media Among People of Different Age Groups

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Indian Journal of Management
Vol. 7 - No. 1
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Telecommunication is a vital input for the global competition and for India's success in the international market. The use of Mobile phone and Social Media has been proliferating in the recent time period and the persons using such media through mobile phone for various purposes have grown over time. Even though it has spread to all regions, there exist differences in the rate of access and mode of utilization. The study titled 'The Dynamics of the Use of mobile phone and Social Media among People of Different Age Groups' examined the pattern of use of social media across people of various age groups .And this study analysed the global and national trends and pattern in the use of social media and various categories of people who use social media for various activities. It has seen that there exits high volume of activities on social media by youth often at risk of losing their learning. Healthy sound use of social media is not  encouraged among the youth; the consequence that they have to face would be severe. Social media Literacy by the Social Networking Sites and Awareness Programmes at the schools are advised to encourage a healthy use of Social media for good social cause.