Factors Influencing The Academic Achievement of Students: An Analytical Study

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Indian Journal of Management
Vol. 6 - No. 1
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Dr Sudipta Chakraborty Assistant Professor, The Sibsagar College, Joysagar, Assam

Academic achievement is the progress that students make towards the goals and objectives of the curriculum. Desai, (1979) defined academic achievement as "Learning outcomes which are the changed observed in the behaviour pattern of pupils as a result of  earning that takes place in schools through the teaching of school subjects". Achievement in a subject is generally defined as the marks obtained by the students in that subject (Kothari and Gupte, 2001-2002). Academic achievement indicates up to what extent  the students are able to acquire knowledge, skills and efficiencies in the content prescribed by the Board or academic institutions. This is expressed in terms of marks, scores, grades and percentages.
Academic achievement is very important in students' life. Success in school is a critical component of the ability to participate fully in contemporary society. In today's world, youth without high school education suffer from high levels of unemployment. Without at least some post-secondary education, job opportunities are very limited. Early adolescence is a time when youth particularly girls can so marked declines in academic achievement. These declines are often long lasting and influence poor achievement throughout high schools (Cannolly et. al. 1998). Primary schooling increases the income and a cause of reduction on the poverty (Javed, et. al. 2008) Diminishing academic achievement which hinders scientific, technological, economic and social progress universally has become a source of concern among academic as well as government officials (Pasternak, 2013). The quality of student's performance remains a  top priority for educators. It is meant for making a difference locally, regionally, rationally and globally (Farooq et. al., 2011). One of the
important challenges for universities and academic institutions today is their continuation as the backbone of society, providing the knowledge and educating young people for addressing complex global challenge (Fernate, et. al. 2009).
In this research paper, an attempt has been made to analyse the factors affecting the academic achievement of students in the light of the several reviews of related literature at national and international level.This is purely a research based study. All the relevant reviews of related research literature are collected from books, journals, thesis and articles both at national and international level and after that those reviews are analysed systematically to come to an authentic conclusion.
After reviewing the related literature, the researcher has come to the conclusion that there are some associated factors which  influence the academic achievement of a student. Some of them are- gender, area of settlement (urban and rural), management, caste etc. All these factors are discussed in detailed in the main research paper.