Promotion Of Indian Coffee Industry-An Empirical Study

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Indian Journal of Management
Vol. 6 - No. 1
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Rekha Chinappa.K Cauvery College, Virajpet, Karnataka, India

The current coffee market is very complex due to volatility in coffee prices depending on the marketing parameters of international  trade. The survival of coffee industry depend on the exploring the trade potentialities. The edge gained by the Indian coffee industry during the initial years of liberalization has depleted over the recent years. The reason being that the Indian coffee industry has not kept in pace with the challenges for the continuous sustenance of brand identity. India is in no position to influence international prices in spite of the geographical advantages. It is in fact the price taker. In order to compete in the International coffee market, it is imperative for the coffee growers to ensure the production of quality coffee consistently. The adoption of improved standards of cultivation practices, on farm processing and value addition programmes along with effective certifications will enhance the market status of Indian coffee.