Study of Adventure Tourists Participating In National Trekking Program

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Indian Journal of Management
Vol. 6 - No. 1
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Rajeev H. Narvekar Asst. Professor Saraswat Vidhyalay's, S.C., College of Commerce and Mgt

Adventure Tourism has grown exponentially over period and is one of the important drivers of tourism. Adventure Tourism studiesĀ  undertaken worldwide, have tried to understand what is an Adventure? Reasons for undertaking an Adventure? However, there has not been much research done to understand the demographic profile of participants. Looked from the Paradigm of Indian Context, the research undertaken further dilutes to nearly zero. The present study was conducted to facilitate the understanding of demographic profile of adventure tourist's participating in National Trekking Program organized by Youth Hostels Association of Goa, in December- January 2015-16. The sample consisted of 200 participants out of total 600 odd participants. The program offered cycling, trekking and family camping. The research showed some interesting facts like the level of participation across the different states in India, distribution with respect to age, gender etc. Participants with different background, in education and different states showed similar reasons for undertaking the adventure activity. As more people turn towards digital, the researched also looked in to the type of registration opted for by the participants across gender.