Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Social Entrepreneur Based In a Wildlife Sanctuary

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Indian Journal of Management
Vol. 6 - No. 1
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Dr Anupam Saxena Associate Professor Jaipuria Institute of Management
Dr Sugandha Shanker Post-Doctoral Fellow Jesus College, Cambridge, U.K.

In the changing scenario of our country, there is a strong wave of entrepreneurship and specially social entrepreneurship is taking the center stage, however there is also a need to shift our attention towards a special sector of social entrepreneurs who are not only working for upliftment of the society but are helping in conservation of natural resources, bio diversity and cultural identities. This research is a case study of a social entrepreneur, Mrs. Niharika Singh who is based in a wildlife sanctuary. She is working for past 20 years for the upliftment of the local communities. These communities are dependent on the forest area of the sanctuary for their basic needs and livelihood, thereby unsustainably using the resources. This is destroying the natural habitat of wild animals and the  biodiversity as well as affecting the biogeological cycles. In order to address the environmental concerns of the area in a sustainable manner Mrs. Singh is developing entrepreneurial skills amongst local people. This is done through trainings, basic education and awareness regarding utilization of locally grown material to make handicraft products. Her journey is difficult because the local people lack basic education and willingness to learn. Secondly, lack of infrastructure support from government agencies and limited market oppurtunities makes it extremely difficult to develop the enterprise. This generates a need for special attention from the policy makers towards these kinds of social entrepreneurs. These social entrepreneurs are important link between natural resource conservation and livelihood generation for local communities. A field research was conducted in Suhelwa Wildlife Sanctuary (WLS) of Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) to understand in detail the challenges and oppurtunities of the above mentioned social entrepreneur. After analyzing the situation in the field few corrective measures are suggested in this paper which may be useful for the better development of social enterprise in the area.