Brand Switching of Cosmetic Brands Among Youth: Empirical Evidence

Journal Name: 
Indian Journal of Management
Vol. 6 - No. 1
Author Name Designation Organization
Rowena Wright
P.V Sumitha

Cosmetics today are not a luxury but rather seen as a necessity by the youth in general and the ever conscious Indian youth in particular. Cosmetic products are much more than makeup and perfume. It includes all products that are applied to the external parts of the body, such as teeth and oral mucous membranes and are intended to prevent body odour, to clean, perfume, protect, preserve or affect the appearance. Studies reveal that the average person uses up to 15 different cosmetic products a day and the world wide annual expenditure for cosmetics crossed the 135 US billion dollar mark years ago. Various cosmetic brands have flooded the Indian market and are targeted at the youth who constitute a large chunk of India's population. The youth today are empowered with market information and they can easily be called a brand-conscious generation. They are spoilt for choices and this wide array of choices within a given cosmetic category backed by unbeatable price and promotional offers has ushered in an era of Brand switching. Marketing today is a herculean tasks because it does not deal with merely satisfying or delighting the customer, instead it is all about retaining one's customer and preventing him/her to switch over to competitor's brands. The youth form a large chunk of the Cosmetic market in India and marketers must therefore realize that their challenge and pressing issue therefore is to find the factors that prompt switching of cosmetic brands among the youth in Mangalore, Karnataka. The study assumes significance in an era where Consumer Behaviour is rather erratic and unpredictable.