Revolution In Education System - K-12 Education System and Its Presence In India

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Indian Journal of Management
Vol. 5 - No. 2
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K-12 is a term for the sum of primary and secondary education. It is used in the United States, Canada, South Korea, Turkey, The Philippines, Egypt, Australia, India and Iran. The introduction of technology has revolutionized education and has given birth to new modes of education. One of the new modes that have changed the way education is imparted is the K- 12 Education. This form of education is widely gaining in popularity in countries like US, Canada, and India as well. This kind of educational system is different from the conventional version. This system covers the education from kinder-garden till the 12th grade. The concept is slowly gaining its importance in India with the government introducing new educational schemes like free compulsory primary education throughout the country. Schools nowadays, invest good amount to create the best infrastructure for their students. Students on their must grab the best of these facilities and available resources offered for the optimum learning. This kind of platform is what the K12 education system promotes and this is what more and more schools in India are adapting to. This paper highlights the growing need for K-12 Education and its applications. It also examines the role of conventional method of teaching and how it differs from new system of education. It also brings out the benefits of new education system in younger minds and finds how far it has reached in India.