Innovative Ways of Teaching Vocabulary at the Vernacular Medium Schools to Develop English

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Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 8 - No. 2
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Parbin Sultana

Vocabulary is the first step of entering into any language. A person can speak a language fluently if he/she has strong word-power. A student can have a good hold in English if he/she improves the stock of vocabulary. Due to the poor vocabulary in English many  vernacular medium students cannot speak English properly and they often cites many reasons for that such as poverty, poor condition of school, lack of teaching materials, lack of good teachers, and so on. However, in reality many vernacular medium students have broken the myth and scored good marks in the Board Examination in Assam (SEBA) despite having various problems. Therefore, it was felt that the students who were weak in English might not take self-initiatives to learn English, or they might have language anxiety, or they did not have efficient teacher to make their learning effective and easier. To solve this problem, the researcher prepared different innovative methods of teaching vocabulary at different levels, and she examined that on students of class II, IV, VII and VIII of two vernacular medium schools: one is primary and other is secondary school. The total number of participated students was 108.  She did  it with some student trainees during their practice teaching (one month) at school. After examining all the activities she comes to the conclusion that students' English can be improved by practicing easier methods of vocabulary formation rather than  giving meaning of difficult words from the text, or translating the sentences line by line,and so on. In this paper, the researcher explains some of the effective methods that could be helpful for slow learners to enrich their vocabulary in English.