A Study on Impact of HRM Practices and Policies on Employees Organization Commitment in Textile and RMG Industries in Karnataka

Journal Name: 
Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 8 - No. 2
Author Name Designation Organization
K. Nagavani
A. Archana
Sandhya R. Anvekar

Textile and Readymade Garments industry is one of the fast growing industry type which falls under the MSME and Large Scale  Industries based upon their productions of the garments. These industries have been established in the various states with respect to their productions. Karnataka state has started to encourage the establishment and production of the textile and readymade garment industries in order to make the Karnataka state the production hub of the textile and readymade garments. The Karnataka government has induced Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices and Policies to facilitate various supportive protocols for the Labours and Staff. In this paper we address a complete study of the 15 HRM Practices and Policies, with respect to their implementation in the T & RMG industries and obtain the exploration ratio on the basis of the feedback of the employees of the Companies. This complete study achieves the direct accuracy level of the impact of HRM Practices and Policies of the Employees on the Respective companies.