Role of Advertisement in Consumer Adoption Behaviour:-Scale Validation Exercise

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Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 8 - No. 2
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Rishi Raj Sharma
Shikha Arora Keywords:

The purpose of this paper is to further current understanding of the relationship between the perceptions towards the Advertisement and new product adoption decision and how the relationship can be measured through a scale. Following a psychological reactance framework, four advertisement parameters derived from past literature are examined. Factor analyses and various other reliability and validity checks have been performed on the data.
Advertisement has significant effects on NPA. Consumers' adoption of market innovations is associated positively with their attitude toward advertisement for new products.
Using primary data from a random sample of consumers, this study offers a deeper understanding of the attitudinal antecedents of advertisement on consumer new product adoption decision. The investigation into this subject matter is very necessary to both   advertisers and consumers. This study will inform consumers on how advertisers try to persuade them to purchase their products,

Inform producers, companies and marketing organizations and advertising agencies if their strategies are effective and inform advertisers about their level of impact on the adoption process of the consumer.