A Study on Trends of Dividends of Selected Pharmaceutical Companies in India

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Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 8 - No. 2
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Satya Ranjan Doley

The present study makes attempt to analyse the trends in the distribution of dividend of three selected pharmaceutical companies in  India. The present research is to analyse the trends in the distribution of dividend of three pharmaceutical companies for the past twelve years. The present study is merely based on secondary sources of data. The study has selected three companies namely Lupin Pharma Ltd, Aurobinda Pharma Ltd and Sun Pharma Ltd listed among top ten pharmaceutical companies in India at present. The study has used statistics mean, standard deviation, co-efficient of variation and Kruskal-Wallis test for the present study.

The present study observed that trend line of EPS of both Lupin pharma  company and Sun Pharma Ltd have been following constant dividend policy over the period. The Aurobinda Pharma Ltd has been following stable dividend policy during the period of twelve years. The testing of hypothesis shows that there is significant difference in value of dividend per share among thr