Performance Appraisal: A Trail to Sustainable Organisational Excellence

Journal Name: 
Indian Journal of Management
Vol. 3 - No. 2
Author Name Designation Organization
Jenifur Majid

Organisations are imperiously run and steered by human resource. It is through people that goals are set and objectives realized. The performance of an organisation is thus predominantly dependent upon the sum total of the performance of its members. The success of an organisation will therefore depend on its ability to measure accurately the performance of its members and use it objectively to optimise them as a vital resource towards organisational excellence. Past research studies reveal that one of the widely debated mechanisms that could go a long way in systematically improving the performance level of an individual as well as organisations irrespective of their size, nature of ownership and control is Performance appraisal system (PAS). PAS is a remarkable  Human  Resource Development (HRD) mechanism designed and utilised for the all round development and growth of employees as well as organisations. Serving its three basic purposes- remedial,maintenance, and development, it is an integral part of an organisation providing a platform for employee career  planning,  enhancing employees’ effectiveness, and improving communication, aiding in designing training and development (T&D) programmes and developing a stronger work culture in organisations. The current research paper focuses on multiple dimensions of PAS, its evolution in Indian Scenario and significant development at the  rganisational level.