Mutual Funds-Dream More… Achieve Much More…!!! -Special Reference To Systematic Investment Plan

Journal Name: 
Journal of Banking, Information Technology & Management
Vol. 14 - No. 2
Author Name Designation Organization
Cirappa I.B
Madhuri S

Now a days, a common man has its own responsibilities to fulfill the needs and also a goals. The needs are :- giving a higher education to their children, their, marriage and the retirement and goals are: construction of residential house, buying a car, foreign vacation etc. Here, the needs are very important than goals. Therefore, to satisfy the needs a common man starts to make savings and he keep his amount in banks as a savings bank account or in fixed deposits for 6 to 7% interest and also in Recurring Deposit of Post Office. These are all what the more safety less interest and return. As well as for the more return to reach their needs and goals within a planned time there is a one scheme which is playing a tremendous role in mutual funds is Systematic Investment Plan [SIP]. As per the objective of an investor the SIP suits to give a return for that objective. When an investor starts to invest systematically, he can move with safety and flexibility. Therefore, Dream More….Achieve Much More…!!!