Management of Public Enterprises

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Indian Journal of Research
Vol. 4 - No. 2
Author Name Designation Organization
I. Annapurna

The success of Public Enterprises principally based on leadership qualities of managers simultaneously they need affection towards  their Institutions plus proper environment and support from the political administrators in Independent decision making, Marketing  systems and proper Technological systems etc. With regard to Government Corporations the administrators must always take proper care to recruit the persons for Management cadre are with all the above mentioned qualities in addition the qualification, seniority are  the basic parameters in selecting managers. The principle ability and eligibility is appropriate decision taking, making and implementing at the time of crisis and to maintain cordial relations and assimilation of the team work without any political shadows. In  the case of Private Enterprises the selection of managers will always be influenced by the thoughts of Stakeholders and it is generally  results in a success story.

To be frank the history of Indian Public Sector Corporations is not a rosy story. The failures are because of  political interference in decision making. For Example: In BSNL for Mobile expansion the Company ordered for mobile signal transmitters to Motorola German Company simultaneously the private Mobile Companies like Airtel and Reliance also ordered for  transmission equipment to the same company ordered latter. But, the private companies got the consignments earlier than BSNL. And the private companies can able to start their services to the public earlier than BSNL a Government of India entity because of the  deficiency in political motives in taking decisions promptly and quickly.BSNL: State-run telecom company incurred a loss of Rs.  14,979 crore in landline services during 2013-14, whereas its overall loss was recorded at Rs. 7,085 crore.

Corruption practices are  another menace and hurdle in the development of Enterprises Management. As on today the present administrative, production and manufacturing as well as services sectors are in need of highly professionalism and expertise at all levels of management, dynamic  and optimistic management, accuracy in calculating and alert in risk taking and risk bearing at the time of participative decision –  making and goal setting target oriented management to be recruited and practiced in public and private enterprises.