Management Teachers' Perception In Assessing the Dimensions of Teacher Empowerment

Journal Name: 
Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 6 - No. 1
Author Name Designation Organization
P. V. Sumitha
M. G. Krishnamurthy

The field of management is dynamic in nature. Management education has become a major profession that attracts considerable amount of attention across the world. Every management student deserves to be taught by an effective teacher. In the meadow, highly empowered teachers are the greatest asset. Management education believes that a teacher's role is to facilitate creative learning and not merely to only deliver information. Thus, the teacher must have a stake in the process of empowerment. Empowering teachers is one of the keys to transform the education system. Teacher empowerment has been the subject of considerable educational research and evoked significant attention in recent years, but the capacity of B-schools for organizational learning has received limited empirical attention.Teachers who work as empowering agents for students, have been narrowly looked at as needing empowerment themselves. Present study focuses on assessing the dimensions (autonomy, decision making, impact, professional growth, self-efficacy, and  status) that perceive teacher empowerment which predicts teachers' commitment to their organisation, profession and their job satisfaction, with special reference to management teachers belonging to four B-schools in Mangalore. Thus, the authors are keen that the study holds significance in the area of teacher empowerment because, when teachers are empowered, B-schools become enriched and vibrant places of learning;  empowerment strengthens teachers and provides them with a sense of ownership