Importance of Warehouses In Agricultural Product Marketing

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Indian Journal of Research
Vol. 7 - No. 2
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Dilip K. Khupse

India is an agriculture oriented country. Where near about 60% of population depends on agriculture. After Independence we adopt new technology for agriculture farming. Then the production of yield is increased and we become self sufficient in food grains. But Second phase of agriculture marketing has been neglected conveniently. Which is storage and godowns. That is why the farmers in our country got low price of there agriculture product and they sell 30% of agriculture product in villages to moneylenders in low prices due to facilities of storage and warehouses.
The warehouses are most important to increase income of farmers. It is a need of agricultural product marketing. The present research is an attempt to study concepts and need of warehouse for agricultural product marketing and shows remedies and challenges. It is found that 18% share of agricultural sector in total GDP is very low. If we sort out this problem the income of farmers may be increased and it will create new horizon in the field of agricultural sector.