Economic, Social, Environmental And Cultural Impact of Online Tourism In Tamilnadu

Journal Name: 
Indian Journal of Research
Vol. 4 - No. 2
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P. Premakumari
R. Saraswathy Arvinda Rajah

With rapid advances in Science & Technology, tourism has acquired the status of an industry in all industrialized countries. The high  influx of foreign tourist traffic has accelerated demand for certain economic production and distribution activities. Tourism has emerged as an industry next in importance only to Information Technology industry in the Services sector. The economic liberalization in India  and consequent foreign investment opportunities, development of tourist facilities including expansion in air-line services, etc. provide an impetus for a spurt in tourist arrivals as in South Asian regions. The Internet not only inspires and provides consumers with  information on potential travel destinations, but enables them to take immediate action by booking online. And, this is only the  beginning of their online engagement, as the Internet continues to play a role during the vacation as well as long after the visitor returns home. Tourism has emerged as an instrument for employment generation, poverty alleviation and sustainable human development.  Tourism promotes international understanding and gives support to local handicrafts and cultural activities. It is an important segment of the country’s economy, especially in terms of its contribution towards foreign exchange earnings, generation of additional income and creation of employment opportunities. Domestic tourism plays a vital role in achieving the national objectives of promoting social  and cultural cohesion and national integration. Its contribution to generation of employment is very high. With the increase in income  levels and emergence of a powerful middle class, the potential for domestic tourism has grown substantially during the last few years. Realizing the importance of tourism, the Government of Tamil Nadu has accorded high priority to tourism promotion and has taken  initiatives to improve infrastructure in tourism potential centres and geared to encourage private sector investment in this regard. This  Paper reflects on how Online Tourism has caused several changes in Economic, Social, environmental and Cultural scenario in the  tourism industry in Tamilnadu out of which the main impact has been on the interrelation between service providers and traditional   intermediaries.