Corporate Governance and Its Social Accountability: A Perceptual Study

Journal Name: 
Journal of Accounting and Finance
Vol. 29 - No. 1
Author Name Designation Organization
Deep Sharma

Today corporate Governance has become a sort of umbrella, which covers in its purview, various facets of corporate finance, law, economics, and the constitution of the corporate board. More fundamental focus of corporate governance should be on rational of the corporation, company ethics, value culture and social responsibilities. If corporations are to survive in the changing social-economic and political environment, it is necessary that they fulfill their social responsibilities and also report it in terms of social costs and benefits. However, before social responsibility becomes popular certain measures are to be undertaken. The present study is an attempt to analyze the underlying important factors of corporate governance and also to know the perception of chartered accountants towards social accountability. The study concluded the factors like social responsibility, legal system, economic conditions, competitive advantage, reliability and flexibility of corporate governance which may lead to transparent system of corporations by making the corporations socially accountable. The study further revealed that there is no significant difference in the perception of male and female chartered accountants towards corporate governance.