Comparative Analysis of Individual Level Innovation of Public Sector And Private Sector Banks In Gujarat

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Journal of Banking, Information Technology & Management
Vol. 13 - No. 1
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Yagna Vyas
Raju M. Rathod

This comparative study aims to identify the comparison of individual level innovation of public and private sector banks in Gujarat. Individual Innovativeness depends upon two basic parameters like: (A) Individual Innovativeness (B) Work Environment which include different variables like (1) Integration (2) Raising of fund (3) Project Planning (4) Knowledge and Skill (5) Information and Communication (6) Overall Innovativeness. The sample was collected from the Managers of public and private sector bank in Gujarat through questionnaire. Total samples of 100 Branch Managers were taken (100 Public sector Bank & 100 from Private sector bank) for this study. The result shows that there is no such significant difference found between Public and Private sector bank managers in Overall Knowledge and Skill and Overall Innovativeness. Whereas in all other variables like Integration, Raising of fund, Project Planning, and Information and Communication private sector bank Managers are more innovative in their work environment as compared to public sector bank managers.