Challenges Of Inventory Management In Diesel Locomotive Works Varanasi

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Journal of Banking, Information Technology & Management
Vol. 14 - No. 2
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Davendra Kumar Sharma

The study is being conducted for checking the type of the inventory in the Diesel locomotive works the present study describes the research methodology being followed in the study. It includes the description of the sample selected, sample unit, sample size, sampling technique, methods of the collecting information, statistical analysis and also point out limitations of present study. After the problem is defined, one is to prepare the design of the research Study. Questions relating to decisions regarding of the research what, where, when, who and how constitute a research design It is the blue print for the collection measurement analysis of data. The research design, which I choose for study, was descriptive research design.
In DLW mostly time they don't use inventory management Techniques. The management want to reduce cost of inventory and the store keeper want to know inventory management techniques. Many of the items needed for the day-to-day maintenance and operation are required to be specially manufactured for the railways. The time to procure these materials, therefore, is longer dues to various reasons and it is not possible to procure these materials when instantaneously required. It is, therefore, necessary to keep stocks of such items. In the given study primary data was collected through Questionnaire, interview replies, from store manager and employees and the observation and the secondary data is taken by annual reports published Diesel Locomotive works and Store budget of DLW, which is incorporated for collecting the raw information. The survey method is adopted because it helps collecting the great deal of information about particular material.
The present study done by the analyzing challenges of inventory management. Management, which is being conducted to know the awareness of the inventory management in DLW Varanasi. The scope of the study will include the analysis of the inventory.