A Study of Nourishment of Working Women's Interest In select Information Technology Industries In Pune

Journal Name: 
Journal of Management Outlook
Vol. 5 - No. 2
Author Name Designation Organization
Aparna Pathak
C M Joshi

The women are a symbol of endurance, selflessness, satisfaction and sacrifice. They perform multiple duties as per their roles and yet are ready to take up challenges of any kind. They possess a lot of potentials and are capable of undertaking any and all tasks allotted to them. This has been so for years together. But their nourishment is critical  today. Nurturing of women interests is the must talk of today. Not that it was not in the yester years, but the scenario    has changed, totally disrupting the attitude with which nourishment of women is being looked at in today's context. Women were powerful in ancient vedic times, and enjoyed a considerable amount of freedom and were treated as  equal with men, but due to certain historic reasons in the post-vedic era, they weakened and then further weakened.  During the medieval period the position of women worsened. In today's era it is required that both the members of the family, husband and wife must work to earn money so as to satisfy the increasing financial needs of the modern  family. Increasing industrialization has also invited many problems of industrial civilization. This also includes the crimes which have created fear in the minds of the working women. This has created the need of nourishing women interests in the industrial sector as well as in the society. The researchers have diverted their efforts to understand the problems of working women regarding their awareness about the available legal provisions for their safety and pressing requirement of nourishing their interests. Primary data required for this research has been collected by executing the questionnaires on select sample and secondary data has been collected by accessing useful websites.  The data so collected has been analyzed by using the descriptive statistical analysis.